The 30 Days Game Dev Challenge

Life won’t change by itself, right?

Rui Yi Gan
3 min readMar 24, 2022


That’s me again!

The Next Challenge

When this article is released I would have completed it by 30 Days Writing Challenge. Congrats to me! Sometimes it is important to celebrate these mini wins to keep yourself moving in life. Anyway, I found the 30 Days Writing Challenge great overall. There was noticeable progress and it is worthwhile completing it. Hence, I am excited to jump into the next challenge. Will I still write daily? Hopefully… I won’t pressure myself to do so anymore since now I know I can do it if I want to.

As you can tell from the title of this challenge: Game Development is my next 30 Days Challenge.

Why Challenge Yourself?

Before diving into the challenge itself, I like to remind myself once again why I’m doing this. Recently I realized I need more whys in my life to keep myself focus and chase after the things that matter.

Life won’t change by itself, right?

That’s my main motivation honestly. I will be honest. I’m not too excited about my current lifestyle and where I’m headed to. The thought of grinding 4 years of college and then going to work is not appealing. And after 22 years living on earth, I know that as much as I hope for something to magically change, that won’t happen.

There’s no point expecting life to change for the better if there’s no input from me. If life doesn’t change by itself, perhaps it is time to change it.

30 Days Game Dev Challenge

This challenge will be different, and much tougher. Tougher because, unlike writing, it requires more attention. It is less passive and much more active. And the inertia will be high on days when I’m already mentally drained out by the school.

But I have some confidence that I can do it. And I will do it.

Why Game Development? And what are my Goals?

I choose game development because it is interesting, fun, and relatable to my course of study. Most of my time in school is spent doing assignments and labs which are more academic-based. The idea of game…



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