I’m Excited to Write Again

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Rui Yi Gan


Me @ Jervis Bay, New South Wales

A Well-needed Break

This year hasn’t been easy. During my school semester, I struggled to find the motivation to learn and life felt… dull. It was a painful process but I am glad I managed to drag myself past the finish line. I’m officially done with my first year of college and onto my second one! For those of you studying at university, you did it! You completed another year regardless of how poor or great your results are. It is done.

Figuring out Life

Hence, it has been a while since I last published an article on Medium. I wanted to take some time off to do absolutely nothing productive and travel as well. Basically trying to find back that motivation again.

And I’m proud to say that I

have not found it.

Haha. I realized that this is something that can’t be rushed. You can’t rush to find passion and purpose. It needs time and we have to be patient. Regardless, I’m feeling rested and ready to take on another year of college. I really don’t have many big plans this time, just hoping for a balanced year. Being more present and enjoying my 20s.

Writing Again

Lastly, I’m excited to write again. It has been a while but I’m excited to pen down my thoughts once again.

Let’s end 2022 well 🌤



Rui Yi Gan

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