Computer Science Undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. I write and vlog sometimes. Bookworm. Dreamer. Work in Progress Doer.

A very tired me with a backdrop of my home, Singapore (Picture Provided by Author)

My Bio

Welcome to my profile page! My name is Rui Yi (睿易) and I guess this is the first time I will be introducing myself properly. I was inspired by Quy…

A promise awaiting a delivery.


Today is the 15th of October 2021. It is currently 1230am. I’m tired, mentally drained, and half awake. But I’m happy. I’m back penning down my thoughts and back reflecting on my life. I love writing at night, with the window by the side. …

Rushing Death

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Life is A Blur

Rushing to class. Rushing the group project. Rushing to study for an examination. Ever since I started university, life has been pretty much just zooming around. …

Protect yourself from the unkind city.

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For those of you reading this, I assume that you too live in a busy city yourself. The city life is exciting, vibrant, but also overwhelming. Time flies here, and you are often bombarded with information every day. A new tasking, a new clickbait article, or a new advertisement.


Exam Performance

Caring Less to Improve Performance

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Performance Slump During an Examination

I just finished my first university timed quiz. And I think it went terribly. The worst part is not because I don’t know how to do the questions, but the fact that I can do so only after the quiz.

And that is frustrating. The nagging idea that I could…

90% Luck 10% Skill

I bought Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) when it was $353 and now it is $455

Context: Buying Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA)

When I first bought Moderna stocks last month, the price per lot was USD $353 and now the price is at USD $455. I invested around USD $2824, buying 8 lots, and this amount grew to USD $3640, a 28.94% increase.

My profit was around SGD $1104 (USD $816).

Luck? Or Just Skill


The Fearless Mindset of Trailblazers

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Opportunities and Regrets

How often have we said, “I think I will pass. Thanks for the opportunity,” and then regret not taking the opportunity later on?

Personally, this happened to me on many occasions. When I was younger, I rejected many opportunities. I remember rejecting to run for a student leader appointment because…

Vaccines & the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Once again, before listing down my reasons, I like to say that I am by no means a pro trader but instead an average Joe that does some trading by the side. I am not a technical analyst/momentum trader and would consider myself more as a growth trader.

Previously I…

Do you really need an iPad for “productive” note-taking?

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Apple Annual Back to School Sale

Apple is currently having its annual back-to-school promotion, dishing out free AirPods for every purchase of a MacBook or iPad (iPad Air minimum). On top of the free AirPods, there is also the educational discount as well as an additional discount for its AppleCare+.

And what is unique for this…

Ikigai: When Work Becomes Meaningful.

The Secret To A Better, Happier Life Photo by Johannes Waibel on Unsplash

Before I dive into the concept of Ikigai, the reason for being, I like to point out that Ikigai is not exclusive to the Japanese. In fact, despite the concept having originated from Japan, I believe this concept is not being practiced regularly by the majority there. …

Rui Yi Gan

I enjoy writing about life, college, and everything under the sky. Computer Science student in Singapore and a big fan of Conan O'Brien and Rick Riordan.

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